Sad Theta

Just another one of those days

Depression breeds more Depression
Depression leads to LiveJournal

Or something like that, I don't know, but long story short, I'm kinda in a slump at the moment, I mean, have you ever felt like regardless of what you do, you're still doing it wrong. You can't please everyone, so what's the point trying, yet at the same time, going about doing things for yourself everyone then bitches at you for being selfish.

So what the fuck do you want from me?

Am I not allowed to do anything? Am I only supposed to appeal to everyone else, and not even think about myself. Seriously my entire life is like if I ever for a second put myself before anyone else I'm going to get bitched at... and even if I am putting others before myself, I'm still going to get bitched at.


I'm over everything right now.

Wow I haven't updated this bitch in AGES

Yeah... I do this on occassion where I just suddenly lose interest in LJ and nevar post again only to come out from my grave and say "I'M BACK", but LJ has regained my interests again and thus I will post another entry.

About what... hmm lets see... um

I got nothing to be honest...

I should probably make some new icons... or request someone to do that for me X3

UPDATE GET! none the less

Pen Spinning

My right hand and fingers... Are SORE!

Seriously, I never thought twirling a pen between fingers would be so... well... painful. Honestly though, have you seen those people who can twirl pens, pencils or whatever really really fast! It's astounding, I can barely do those tricks, but I have to also twirl my pen really really slow and even then I sometimes stuff up and drop the bastard pen!

Anyways look up Pen Spinning on Youtube or look here

Amazing shit... pointless, but amazing =3 and I wanna learn how to do it... blah one of these days i'll get it... like juggling!


First Ebay Auction WIN!!!


Lol Sorry, I know that really doesn't sound that interesting to most people who use Ebay all the time, but this is like my first time I have ever been successful on bidding for something on Ebay... the better thing is, that it was for a friend (smud_dragon) so yeah, I feel proud... it makes me want to buy more random crap, just for the thrill of the countdown and hoping to god that your snipe bid gets through and wins it for you!

Well yeah, My friend wanted a copy of "Soul Calibur 2" but because she didn't have Paypal, and wasn't going to deposit money directly into the persons bank account, she asked me to do the bidding for her, so yeah being the nice friend that I am, I did so... and yeah WIN!!!

Anyways... Stuff =3

I probably should update

Well yeah, time for an update for pointlessness.

Yesterday I went to see the Simpsons Movie, it was rather good, but by good I mean as in it was as good as any other Simpsons episode on TV, to me it just felt like a really long episode, I mean I got my laughs, and some memorable quotes that I will be blabbing back and forth with my friends who have also seen the movie. And probably singing the "Spider Pig" song a lot *chuckles*

But also during the events from when I last updated (which was I think when the IN forums died lol) here is what Happened... or to what I can recall what happened anyway.

1) College, Well yeah, I'm still studying Graphic Arts, and getting, very, very frustrated at it, but it IS challenging me, but yeah, I've been working on dealing with issues that bug me within the class, like some dick-heads who just haven't really come to terms with the fact that... at College, the childish name calling and personal attacks, well really isn't THAT mature... seriously... but really, they know that I am a furry and they are from the internet... no noes, how ever will I deal with them... I know... I'll ignore them XD

Other than that, I have had one of my posters that I worked on in class selected for use... so I was like YAY, that will look SO good on my portfolio, and will be a shoe in for when I actually do go job hunting for work as a Graphic Designer. I dont know if I have already mentioned that here, so I might as well do so anyway! To add to that, my other poster might be chosen as well, so I am so on a roll here... but the key word there is "might" so yeah I'm not going to count my chickens before they have hatched.

2) Drawing, Well yeah I have been doodling, but not much really, been kinda busy with College to really draw much... though I'm trying to make more of an effort regardless, needs more inflation me thinks.

3) Life, well lets see, Life, Life... um, Not much really happens in that department, well I just socialize with friends, and do stuff... But well there is one thing... This coming Monday I have to take my step-dad to Warragul, which is like about 100km away from where I live, because he needs to see an eye specialist, given that he is now offically blind in one eye, so yeah... this is actually all preparing for him being possibly operated on this eye... but there are a lot of complications... like the fact that he has Diabeties, and also the fact that he has had a Quadruple bi-pass on his heart before, so this all hinders the ability for him to be operated on... But its more ironic that my step mother, is already talking about "when he dies" and stuff like that... but she is odd...

4) Online Life... I have been getting rather annoyed lately at a few people who I'm not really going to talk about in great detail... but yeah, they annoy me and I want to stab them in the head iRL! XD

And thats really all I can think about, I'll probably blab more... but meh

Laters y'all

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Aww Hell, now where am I going to Advertise?

The IN forums are DEAD, It Died of Death (or an epidemic known as Furry Drama) this Saturday. Now where am I going to advertise my drawings and have people stroke my ego?

Whats that Alkora? You're making a new Forums? Alright! IT'S PLUGGIN TIME! *que power rangers music as I turn into a Mighty Advertising, Furry Ranger!*

Though in all seriousness... I knew that was happening, people whining about non-existant drama (which ironically turns into Drama) is enough to drive anyone insane. At any rate, I only desided to join there to advertise my artwork, I'm not after new friends, I am happy with the ones I have now.

Though, I will miss the forums, everyone was so cool... till everyone (YES EVERYONE) turned it to hell...

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


Well yeah, Laters



If you ever by some chance you ever go and live in Morwell and have to Catch the bus to Moe (pronounced: Mow-ee) at 8:20am, Punch the bus driver in the fucking face for me will you...

The fucking bastard... I was a little bit late... but I was in clear hindsight of the bus drivers view, flagging him down and shouting for him to wait for me to get there... (which would of merely been a few seconds because I was like only a few meters away!) AND THE BASTARD IGNORED ME AND FUCKING DROVE OFF... then he had to stop at the traffic lights for a few... so I ran up to there... I was almost at the Door when the lights turned green AND HE FUCKING IGNORED ME AGAIN THAT BITCH!!!

Now I'm Ranting here to pass time while I wait for the next bus to come around *roars*


Well I'm gonna go wait for the next bus,

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Spiderman 3 Emo's Are Evil

I Finally got around to watching it, and you know what, I liked it overall...

I remember hearing crap about the "Emo" Peter Parker, and upon watching the movie, it made me think if the writers wanted to make a suttle commentary on emo's, were they insinuating that emo's are evil? Think about it, as soon as Peter takes a liking new power, he styles his fringe down to one side as the general emo look. When he comes to his "senses" he is horrified to see himself in this Emoish look.

But really the general idea of this style change from geekish look to emo, is to represent to said magnification of Peter's aggressive side, but why the emo look, emo's are anything BUT aggressive, emos are typically all depressive, so for that aspect it really doesn't work, but ironically it on the other hand, as soon as you see Peter go "emo" you just instantly know hes dived into the dark-side, and the more "emo" he looks (like at certain points where he has black hair) the more we know how "bad-ass" he is becoming.

So, deep down... do we all think that Emo's Are Evil? Point is, the whole emo factor was very interesting, but it wasn't as dramatic as people made it out to be... I also wanted more information o

BTW, if I have ruined the movie for you, Sorry but guess what... AERIS DIES!

Well yeah thats my thoughts for the night, Later Days


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Furry related things

Today is just one of those slow uneventful days, Hardly anyone is online, and those who are online well, I don't have anything interesting to talk to them about, due to this sloe cumbersome day, so on days like today, I tend to get to thinking, and one thing struck me as interesting on my trail of thought.

1) Two thirds of people who I know who have a dragon fursona (or are part dragon, or whatever) Are godmoders, or are like. We are the best species evar, All other species are fail compared to us lololololol

2) Majority of furries tend to include their species (not refering to account usernames) in their name if not something that is related to an animal trait (I was guilty of this in the past with my old fursona)

3) I have yet to see a furry who isn't drawn into the fandom without at least one underyeilding sexual fetish that corrosponds with the fandom in one way or another =P

4) ???

5 Profit

Oh god I turned that into a 4chan meme parody, it has eaten my soul =3

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